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How Amir Baluch Raised Over 7 Figures With His Book



How Amir Baluch Raised Over 7 Figures With His Book

Dr. Amir Baluch is an author, entrepreneur, and anesthesiologist based in Texas.

He now has over 4,000 followers on LinkedIn, he’s a member and contributor of the Forbes Dallas Business Council as an Investment and Business Expert, he’s a Biotech Hedge Fund Manager, and a Medical Director and Consultant. 

Amir and his team have closed over $450 million in real estate transactions within the past five years. He has also become #1 Best Selling Author with his book: “Make it, Keep it: The New Rules of Wealth Preservation for Doctors”, which is what we sat down to talk about today. 

Amir shared how he got into real estate and private investing, why he decided to write a book, how he’s used his book to gain more clients, establish more authority, and what his possible future plans for a book series are. 

Let’s get into the interview.

Rob: I have doctor Amir Baluch with us and today we’re talking about his book, “Make it, Keep it… The New Rules of Wealth Preservation for Doctors.”

We published and launched his book which became an international bestseller. We’re now working with you on PR, which is pretty exciting. I know you’re going to be coming out to LA sometime soon, so we’ll be able to have lunch together.

Amir has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales since his book launched which has allowed him to build a strong foundation trust from countless doctors around the world. 

Aside from his book, Amir is a practicing anesthesiologist. He has also done hundreds of millions in real estate transactions and as Gary Vee would put it, has been his side hustle. 

Amir, can you could tell us how you’ve been using the book to gain trust from doctors and sell thousands of copies? 

Amir: Just a quick background on me, I do anesthesia. I tried to get in a real estate early on when I was 21 or 22 and now I’m at the point where I can put deals together, but of course, that requires some capital. 

I started working with a private investment group and have a securities license. I was actually getting commissioned by raising money. That’s how it started in real estate. Make it, Keep it book

Now I want to go off on my own and fund my own deals, not somebody else’s. So I was trying to figure out why people have such a hard time raising capital. I decided to just ask. 

“Why are you investing with me and not doing something online or with whoever else is asking you for money?”

The most common answer I received was that they just really feel that they trust me. So I wanted to figure out how I could be more transparent and gain even more trust. 

I wondered if I should make myself an influencer in the space. 

Should I write I book? How do I go about doing that? 

I think because doctors often publish papers, I knew that in the medical field I would be able to prove my knowledge of anesthesia is I published papers on the topic. That’s how I got into my private practice group. 

So I figured I may as well publish a book on real estate and investing, because it seemed like within that space there were a lot of people who didn’t understand the basics. 

I can’t tell you how much of a difference this book has made. Everyone hands out business cards and I think they often don’t get a callback, but when I hand out my book instead of a business card, they just can’t stop talking about it. 

They flip through the pages. They can’t believe that I actually handed them a book that I wrote on the topic. Then they read it and they start bringing me into their own business deals or I get calls from people asking how they can get into real estate or they ask me to help them make deals for their clients. 

There are plenty of people who know what I know and can do what I do, but they don’t have a book. When it’s between me and someone else, more often than not clients chose to work with me because they see me as an expert in the space because of my book. 

Some of my competitors have a net worth of over half a billion dollars and I’m actually winning some of their clients!

Trust is so important when you’re raising capital. Because people see me as an expert, I’ve been able to raise capital much easier. It’s brought me more opportunity than I could have imagined, not just in real estate because I’m being seen as the expert for anything involving money. 

I’ve been brought onto all kinds of different business deals. The opportunities are endless. 

I haven’t told you this Rob, but I’m actually planning on really doing some hardcore branding on the phrase, “Make it, Keep it.” I’d like to do a series. I’m thinking the first series might be the ultimate guide to asset protection, another could be the ultimate guide to real estate investing, etc. 

I want to give my audience, whatever it is that they want to learn about under the brand “Make it, Keep it” because nobody in my space is looking at it from that angle. 

Nobody out there has a series of books on this topic. I just plan to milk it for everything that it’s worth and put an exclamation point on what I’ve already done.

Rob: I love it. Congratulations on that. So to be able to scale that business, you had to go outside your sphere of influence right? You needed something that would position you as an authority. 

That’s where “Make it, Keep it” came in. 

Can you tell us how much you’ve been able to raise using your book? I know in the last few months you’ve shared some pretty remarkable numbers with me. Do you feel comfortable talking about that?

Amir: Well, it’s kind of hard to tell whether it was from the book or if some new clients are referrals. That being said, since last May I’ve raised at least 2-3 million. There have been verbal commitments for more, but I have to go out there and put some more deals together. 

Rob: That’s amazing. Would you say you’ve raised seven figures just through the relationships and the trust that you’ve built with the book?

AmirYeah, I think so. This last year, most of the new people I’ve worked with have been because of the book. 

I feel like the conversation goes faster. Usually, and I know you guys probably talk about this too, you have to do a certain amount of touches to close a cold leave. It’s typically five to seven, but right now with the book, it’s only one to two. 

The book really speeds up the process of closing deals. It has been absolutely worth it for me. 

Rob: That’s awesome. Sometimes when people talk about using their book as a business card, I shudder because if that’s the only way you’re using it you’re missing out. However, every person you tough, whether it’s a referral partner, potential business partner or investor, etc., the book needs to go into their hands because it will do two things: 

  1. It will accelerate whatever deal, program, sale, etc. you want to close. 
  2. It will lead to much bigger opportunities.

Amir, you’ve experienced both of these things, as you’ve already mentioned. It’s so important for people to see you as an expert in your field if you want to succeed.

By the way, I love the idea of branding “Make it, Keep it” because it can be opened up to so many different things. Any doctor or practitioner would be interested in wealth preservation. You could even go in the direction of the stock market, and real estate of course. That’s so exciting. Congratulations. 

You mentioned you’ve physically put the book into people’s hands, but can you share how you’ve used the book in other ways? How have you gotten it into the hands of doctors? Have you mailed it to people? 

Amir: Well, I definitely have it on my email newsletter. At the bottom of each email, I include a line that says “I’ve been a bestseller for three months!” 

Then it turns into “I’ve been a bestseller for four months!” 

People have called me just to say they didn’t know I was a bestseller and they’ll congratulate me. 

So I just kind of hammer that into their heads. 

Sometimes if I want to touch base with someone and they’re kind of cold, or if I need to get somebody’s email, I’ll reach out and ask if they would mind taking a look at my book. I’ll tell them that if they give me their email, I can send a link so they can get it for 99 cents. 

Whenever I get someone’s email, they immediately get hit in the face with my book so they can actually see what I’m talking about. 

I’ve had people refer me to their coworkers and other people in the healthcare space which of course brings in more opportunities. It’s kind of like throwing a pebble in a stream. It starts that ripple effect. 

Rob: That totally makes sense. Thank you for sharing. I think you’re a great example of how a book can build that trust, which leads to those six-figure checks. It’s not easy to build that kind of relationship, but you’ve done it with your book. 

Congratulations again. 

Where to Connect with Dr. Amir Baluch

Website | Linkedin | Book

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