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Phytoceramides: Anti-Aging at its Best

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Phytoceramides are an essential anti-aging tool – and relatively new in the U.S. They have been used in Japan for more than a decade, and more recently in Europe. Learn all about why you should consider Phytoceramides today.

The purpose of this book is to clarify how Phytoceramides could benefit your skin and well-being, and sort out the facts you need to know. Keeping skin healthy as we age involves more than just cosmetic issues – some serious health issues are also involved, as you will learn.

I have attempted to keep the technical scientific talk to a minimum, and stick with a tone that is easy to read.

I am not a dermatologist or doctor, nor a scientist or clinician. I own a skin care company, Sublime Beauty®, which focuses on aging and ways to obtain healthier skin. I am immersed in skincare issues, and surrounded by chemists, dermatologists, researchers and an abundance of common sense.

I was very excited when Phytoceramides came along, as I believe it can become an important aid to my clients and friends. I did the research, and then started taking one a day myself. After seeing results in less than 5 weeks, I was sure this was something my clients would love and have just added them to my line at this writing. (I am in my late 50s and “in the thick” of aging skin issue; I test and use all Sublime Beauty® products.)

While working on a larger book about overall skin care, I felt that it was the right time to bring out a short book on Phytoceramides now. I hope you enjoy it, and I encourage any questions or comments.

Kathy Heshelow

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