The Book yourself on TV Instant Media Authority Course

How I have booked myself on TV all over the country and you can too! Including Training, scripts, templates and producer contact lists.

How to Find Great PR and Speaking Opportunities

Our Client Only Webinar held on April 17th 2015 with Rob Kosberg and Our Director of PR, Michelle Sandoval.

Media Contacts

Radio Contact List (.PDF)


TV Station Contact List (.PDF)


Author Holiday Calendar (.XLS)


Scripts & Templates

3 Reasons To Start Writing Your Book Right Now (.Doc)

How To Have Your Book Done in 90 Days (.Doc)

3 Mistakes to Avoid Dying with Your Book Still Inside You (.Doc)

Booking Script Example (.Doc)





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  1. Thanks so much for the timely information! I highly recommend this self-study course for anyone with a book inside their head that wants to get things rolling. Great info, contacts, and inspiration.

  2. I'm THRILLED to receive this gift!!! I am changing careers after 40 years in a dynamic, exciting career based upon my passion and my haircare invention and I feel great need to "Be MORE Fully Expressed" by getting my book together to share what I have to offer in the process of building a dream AND things I learned on the way out. Then I'll be off to help my Dad with an invention he has wanted to bring to market for 35 years. Thanx MUCHLY!.

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