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Andrea Szebeni



July 7 , 2014 | Posted by Best Seller Publishing |

Andrea Szebeni

Hello everybody! My name is Andrea Szebeni. I am a registered dietician, fitness expert and now to add to the resume, a best-selling author. Never thought I was gonna be able to actually happen but with some great work, hard dedication and a lot of motivation from two guys, I am proud to say that I am a best-selling author today. I own my own consultant business here in Palm Beach Florida where I help individuals, families, anybody wanting to get healthier, fitter and just feel better about themselves.
I always wanted to be able to spread the word through nutrition and although I’m able to get to a few individuals to my business, a great marketing tool is to be able to make myself more known. After I met Marc and Rob, they suggested, “Why not write a book? You say you know so much about nutrition, we’ll actually spread the word.” So after much diligence, and much prayer, I was able to understand what I do needed to write about. And thanks to Marc and Rob Korberg’s accountability, their knowledge, their know-how – thank you guys for being able to say, “I am a best-selling author”.
Andrea Szebeni, Elite Fit-tritionist & Performance Coach