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Dr. Annette Bosworth M.D.



July 7 , 2014 | Posted by Best Seller Publishing |

Dr. Annette Bosworth M.D.

Hi! My name is Dr. Annette Bosworth and I’m running for United State Senate. I’m writing a book and I’ve tried to do this several times before and failed. Until I met Rob, Rob and his business helped me get my ideas and thoughts on paper. He was a great coach and he used not only my Christian beliefs but he was able to take my idea and my voice and get it on paper. Thanks for being my coach Rob! And I highly recommend, if anybody has ever tried to write a book or tried to follow through an idea that seems too big to do on your own, Rob does a great job of coaching and using his talents to make your dreams come true. Rob, thanks for all you do and thanks for taking a risk on me.
Dr. Annette Bosworth M.D., Candidate for US Senate