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PR Client Form

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Congratulations on becoming a Best Seller Publishing author! We’re excited about your book and are now ready to explode your success through our PR Program’s Profit phase. The entire process of getting your book to pitch can take several months. If for any reason you’re unable to begin our PR Program Profit phase, or we start and you have to stop due to overseen circumstances, please let us know when we would be able to pick up again when you’re available.


  • If you’re looking to get booked on TV, traveling is a requirement. We recommend taking time for a media tour for
    this reason
  • Please understand large market TV placements (ie – New York or Los Angeles) are coveted and usually
    reserved for high profile, nationally recognized individuals.
  • Best Seller Publishing is not responsible for booking travel or paying for any travel expenses.
  • Radio, Podcasts, Expert and Trade Magazines, generally don’t require travel. These interviews are usually
    conducted over the phone or via Skype.


  • You will discuss your availability with our PR experts in the office.
  • In order to get the best interviews, you will need to be flexible with dates and times.

Sending You:
When we receive your responses to the questionnaire, we will create a one-sheet that includes your bio, talking
points/segment ideas and summary of your book. Once we receive your final approval to the one-sheet, we’ll create a
segment proposal and start pitching to media.

Cancellation Policy
We at Best Seller Publishing strive to get you the best media placements possible. If you must cancel, please notify us as soon as you can. Also note, if you cancel an interview, it will count toward your total number of placements.