PR and Media

Get on TV and Media and share your message with the world

When you are a published author and even more a best seller then you are clearly at the top of your game…

…but now it’s time to use that authority and credibility and really begin getting your message out into the media.

At BSP we have clients on TV every single week and what’s more we have clients on some kind of media (Radio, podcasts, blogs, print etc…) EVERY single day and often more than one per day!

The first step in our GUARANTEED media program is mapping out your hook and one sheet with one of our expert publicists at BSP.

We do this because we want to get you the best media possible and we want you to shine on that media!

Our publicist will brainstorm with you your media hook, one sheet and media pitch and then we will begin pitching you to media all over the country.

When we land you a media spot we will coordinate everything with you and completely prepare you for your TV or media appearance.

Best of all, we GUARANTEE our result.  Unlike other PR firms we GUARANTEE our result!  We again put our money where our mouth is and put it in writing how many PR placements you will get at a minimum.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve done some amazing work for some AMAZING people.
Here are a couple of their stories.

Mike Dieterich booked the largest stage in his industry the Green Festivals. Mike spoke to over 20,000 people which lead to an opportunity to do his own TEDx

Mike Dieterich, an environmental scientist came to us in early 2014. Mike had a good consulting business but was frustrated with his lack of exposure on the big stages, websites and events. He wanted to go from hunting for clients to being the hunted!

We helped Mike create his book, Renew and Sustain, with our award winning ghostwriting team. We launched his book and it immediately became a best seller in multiple categories.


Shanda got on the phone with one of our Author Coaches when she decided she needed a change. We helped her figure out what type of book would best benefit her new business.

We came up with a plan and in just about a year, Shanda was able to use her new best-selling book and generate thousands of leads which would help her see profits she could only dream of before she wrote her book.

Now she is speaking to massive crowds and even hosting her own events that attract thousands of people every year!

Case Studies

Russell Brunson

CEO of ClickFunnels & Best Selling Author

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on ABC’s “Shark Tank” & Best Selling Author

Jay Abraham

Best-Selling Author and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc.

Roland Frasier

Best-Selling Author and Co-Founder of EPIC Network

Taki Moore

Author of The Million Dollar Coach and creator of the Blackbelt Coaching Program.

Kaelin Poulin

Co-Founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss, a Best Selling Author of Big FAT Lies

The first step is to jump on a 30 minute Strategy Session call with one of my Author Coaches

In just 30 minutes, we will help you get clear on the exact challenges you need to overcome to Publish, Promote, and Profit from your own book.

If you’re a great fit for one of our closed-door programs, we will invite you to explore your best options.

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