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  1. Rob, thank you so much for our phone appointment for strategizing on how to make my next book a real best seller. It was extremely helpful connecting with you and your expertise. I look forward to hiring your company soon to make my books best sellers.

  2. I have unsuccessfully tried two or three companies like yours promising many things but never lived up to that without asking me to buy more products. How are you different? How can you really tap into my unique situation and bring me into prominence?

  3. Hi Amara – well, the best answer I can give is that we GUARANTEE our services. Period. If we do not do what we say then we refund 100%. I am not aware of anyone else who does that!

  4. Hi Margaret – we have several programs and the pricing is dependent on what you need. Best thing to do is have a strategy session call and we can determine if and how we can help.

  5. Investing in this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you're on the fence and don't know if this program delivers, my book became #1 in 5 categories on Amazon and went from number 11 million to number 118 because of the techniques this program showed me how to employ. I have the credibility I have been seeking because of them! <3

  6. Hi Rob, do you work with self published book, did one, but never really promoted or did it right – can it be redone? – also Memior writing one now is that something to work with too. Thanks

  7. Rob Kosberg thanks check it out later, — writing my Memior right now, dramatic love story of sorts with a famous one, so checking into the legal aspects — tricky, but my story so legally can do it…

  8. Hey Rob- Thanks for this. I'm excited to listen to the webinar and have a chat with you. Looks awesome. I went ot book in my call but you only have availability this week and I am not able to do any calls with you this week. Is it possible to talk next week some time? Thanks!

  9. Hi Rob! I tried the form 3 times to no avail. I submitted it and there was an error. I want to talk, I want the consultation. I need help. Thank you.

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