How to Create a Compelling Book Description

If you create a compelling Amazon description, it will help motivate people who view your listing to purchase it.  Here is a template that we have found to be effective.  Amazon limits the description to 4000 characters, which is around 550 words. You can download the Word Document of this template at the bottom of the page.

Have a Compelling Headline

The only goal of the headline is to get the reader to click the “read more” button. Don’t try to sell them in the headline. Just make it irresistible not to find out more. Here are some ways to do that.

  • If/then statement
      – If you want to have an impact and an income through your book, keep reading
  • Ask a question and make sure the answer is always a, “Yes!”
      – Do you want to have an impact and an income from your book? Then keep reading
    1. – Are you ready for your book to get noticed? Then keep reading
  • Try a “How to even if” statement
      – How to write your book, publish it, and make money even if you don’t have an audience. Keep reading to find out more.
  • Consider a Buzzfeed headline
      – The New York Times says that 81% of Americans want to write a book but less than 1% actually do it. Keep reading to be in that 1%…

Start with a Compelling Story or Lead Paragraph

In this part of the description, you want to pull the reader into your message. Start with something interesting about your niche. Or you could also tell an anecdote. The goal is to let people know that you understand their problems. They will assume that you have the solution. This is also a good place to quote an outside authority figure. Here’s an example.

It can be so frustrating to know that you have a great idea and that the world needs to know it but you can’t seem to break through with your message. It’s not your fault.

Big Publishing has had a stranglehold on authors for centuries. In their antiquated model, you were forced to hire an agent, shop your book around, and have a publisher deem you and your book worthy of their attention.
But no more. Are you ready to go from Publishing 1.0 to Publishing 2.0? It’s a brand new world in publishing, and it’s time to learn the new rules.

If you have a message, you can now get it out there without checking your inbox every day to see if someone has replied to your book inquiry. Discover how your book can be the gateway to impact and income.

Most people don’t know that Robert Kiyosaki actually self-published Rich Dad Poor Dad and went on to sell millions of copies.

Craft Compelling Bullet Points

This always starts with something like, “In this book, you will discover…”

  • Tease them with information, don’t give it to them
  • Use an odd number of bullet points
  • Here are some examples (you don’t need this many)
      – Why your book is your most significant source of credibility and authority — and also the least expensive way a potential client can enter your world
    1. – The secret benefits of creating a bestselling book (it’s not just for book sales!)
    1. – What you must do if you want to RELAUNCH your book if at first, it didn’t sell well
    1. – How to create compelling content, get your content into the hands of your ideal client, and build yourself a platform and legacy with it
    1. – How to position yourself as the ‘hunted’ (which means no more client-hunting!)
    1. – A simple system that, if done consistently, will produce as many speaking engagements as you could ever want
    1. – The secrets to creating your book title and your subtitle (and your subtitle’s real purpose)
    1. – The 4 reasons people may not have bought from you in the past (and what to do about it now)
    1. – The 5 secrets to a book cover that attracts your perfect audience, and the book description that helps them find your book
    1. – How to get unstuck with the proven secret tool that has helped launch over 1079 authors to bestseller status
    1. – The Pre-Launch Strategy that gets other websites to promote your book for free and bring you extra traffic
    1. – Real-life examples and case studies of how consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, and authors use their books to generate an endless flow of leads, clients, speaking opportunities, and media. (Also, the more opportunities you get, the choosier you can get.)
    1. – Bonus: Video Training: Learn How YOU Can Become the Hunted!
    1. – Bonus: Get Booked on TV, Radio, and Media Training
    1. – Bonus: Video Training on the 3 steps necessary to publish, promote, and then profit from your bestselling book.

Have Compelling Ways to Deal with Last-minute Objections

Now it’s time to overcome any objections the reader might have to invest in your book. Here are some common objections.

  • Is this true?
  • Does this person know what they’re talking about?
  • Will the information in this book work for me?

Make sure you are specific. Avoid overselling and use results that have real-life numbers. Some suggested language that you could use…

  • Even if you have never…

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Finish With a Compelling Call-to-Action

Finally, it’s time to ask them to do exactly what you want them to do. Be clear and be concise.

  • If you are ready to go from being the hunter to being the hunted, scroll up and click the add to cart.

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