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Rob Kosberg

Founder and CEO of Best Seller Publishing

Entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster of highs and lows, where unpredictability is the only constant. Central to every entrepreneurial success is resilience, the true backbone of innovation and adaptability.

Reflect on Steve Jobs. After being removed from Apple, he channeled his energy into revolutionary ventures like NeXT and Pixar. When Apple teetered on the edge, it was Jobs’s resilient spirit that transformed its destiny, birthing products like the iPhone and iPad, securing its global prominence.

Every entrepreneur has a resilience story. Howard Schultz of Starbucks faced rejection from over 200 investors, only to persist and turn Starbucks into a global coffee phenomenon. Resilience for entrepreneurs is no less than a superpower. It allows us to confront setbacks and emerge stronger each time. As Thomas Edison, while inventing the light bulb, famously remarked, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” This is why you need to try different fields of activity. Regardless of the result, keep trying. If you devote precise time, you can succeed in any task. The same applies to the gaming industry. Slotogate allows everyone to try their hand at playing the best online casinos with ecopayz

This book and these authors offer more than inspiration. They present resilience in action. Here are our ingenious entrepreneurs. I hope you will embrace lessons from each of them. I know that their deep-seated purpose and ingenious coping strategies will strengthen you on your journey.

Resilience, simply put, is the fuel that drives entrepreneurial success. Through these incredible authors, may you be motivated to turn your ideas into actions.  They will instill in you the grit and determination that define the entrepreneurial spirit.

Joel Erway

Joel Erway, founder of The Webinar Agency, is a marketing expert on the podcasting circuit. With a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, after several crucial pivots in his professional journey, he now leads live workshops and training courses for experts in all kinds of industries. Erway is a sales webinar expert and digital marketing consultant.

Through The Webinar Agency, he helps small business owners, coaches, and consultants attract and convert higher numbers of customers and clients. By improving sales messages and implementing high-converting sales webinars, within the last couple years he’s enabled multiple clients to grow their businesses to seven figures.

Using his personal experience as well as interactions with a variety of various professionals, Erway hosts two podcasts: Sold With Webinars and Experts Unleashed. He is also the author of High Ticket Courses:

The Fastest Way for Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers to Make Six or Seven Figures with a New Hybrid Education Model.

Beyond work, research, and personal development, he loves to travel, golf, and spend quality time with his family.

Greg Mohr started off his work life in the restaurant industry. His first impression of franchising came straight out of high school at a fast-food restaurant chain. He later managed a 24-hour restaurant — another chain but not a franchise. Seventeen years of restaurant management flew by before he earned a degree in electrical engineering and physics and became an engineer.

Greg climbed the corporate ladder, working in the semiconductor industry for about 15 years. During this time, he earned an MBA degree, specializing in management information systems. Doing so did not speed up the pace of climbing the ladder, as he had hoped. In the meantime, inspired by many business books, including Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series, Greg purchased rental properties and found that he could manage those on the side while keeping his day job.

As he loves sharing, Greg eventually found himself laid off, and it was a blessing. He saw opportunity, and knew it was now or never. After working with a franchise consultant, he found a great fit after narrowing his goals and criteria. He never looked back. Today, he helps others find their way on the same path at Franchise Maven (franchisemaven.com)

Joan Walsh

Joan Walsh is a business coach, consultant, author, and speaker. She has served organizations and individuals in both the public and private sectors for over 30 years.

She specializes in helping businesses achieve higher levels of performance by creating plans, setting goals, and implementing actions to achieve extraordinary results and success.

Joan is a co-founder of Kashbox Coaching (KashboxCoaching.com). She is the author of Ready, Set, PLAN, Go! Strategies to Accelerate Your Success and Blazing Your Own Trail: A Guide for Women on the Way Up. She’s also the co-author of Coach: 10.5 Reasons to Hire One.

Laura Temin is more than a clinician. She is a clinician who faced her own traumas, limitations, and past programming and went from VICTIM to VICTOR.

Laura takes an integrative and holistic approach. Her work spans over twenty years and she has seen firsthand that success demands a comprehensive approach. The nine years she spent working in the Emergency Department of the Wellstar Hospital system provided evidence of the interconnection between brain function, mind, physical health, emotions, and finances.

Laura is endorsed by physicians, government, celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals. She is acknowledged for her commitment to excellence in her work with clients and in the standard of training she provides in her state authorized school of hypnosis, Professional Hypnosis Institute, LLC.

Her many supporters, all treasured resources, include …

  •  Dr. Daniel Amen, the founder of Amen Clinics, bestselling author, medical expert, and pioneer in the field of brain health.
  •  The brilliant and talented Dr. Taz, of CentreSpringMD, a highly acclaimed integrative health physician in Atlanta, regularly featured with Dr. Oz.
  •  Two of the most dedicated, kind, and patient-centered physicians, Dr. Patel and Dr. Dowdell, both outstanding sleep specialists and pulmonary physicians at Wellstar Hospital.

Edward Hill is a number one international Amazon best-selling author,speaker, and business consultant. He’s the CEO/founder of Prosperous Internet Marketing, Inc. and Prosperous Christian LLC. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and dozens of radio stations, in international publications, and in podcasts. Eddy has spoken to and taught tens of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs how to massively grow their businesses. He won the prestigious “Speaker of the Year” award, twice, from the International Awards and Personalization Association.

Through his registered trademarked P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Formula program, Eddy helps his clients set up specific systems to dramatically increase prospects, increase their closing ratio, increase order average, increase sales frequency, increase productivity, decrease expenses, and increase retention. The result is guaranteed to double your net profit.

Eddy is truly passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs. He is on a mission to double the profit of a thousand businesses in the next five years.

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Albee Shanefelter lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his beautiful wife, Jenny, and two amazing children, Milo and Betty.

Previously, he was a Silicon Valley veteran, a key executive in building a $100 million business from scratch. This was sold to a Fortune 50 company — providing 11x return to investors. He also managed strategic accounts for a technology startup which was acquired for $6+ billion in the dotcom heyday.

Today, Albee is a Chronic Pain Warrior who learned to live well around two intense chronic nerve pain conditions and now bone pain (metastatic bone cancer lesions). He is a thriving stage 4 cancer killer, documenting complementary methods to aid the ability of various cancer treatments to heal the body.

He is adjusting and adapting to become a highly competitive and WINNING Champion in the budding adaptive golf community. Determined to use the journey as a FORCE for GOOD, Albee is now an author, speaker, and social entrepreneur, launching 3Bs.org.

Albee Shanefelter

Selina Delangre is best-selling author of In Her Element: Sea Salt, Surrender, and the Journey to a Whole Life and the owner of the most loved sea salt brand in the world, Celtic Sea Salt®. For over 30 years, she has led the sea salt industry through trends and innovation and received endless testimonials from customers who have incredibly great results using her sea salts and products. She sources sea salts from all over the world, including France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala, and Hawaii. Her passion to provide the world with clean, high-mineral salt has grown her brand to be the most trusted sea salt available.

Selina is also the mother of three, the oldest of whom was born with cerebral palsy. Selina’s journey of seeking out healing solutions came from her need to help repair her son’s brain damage. She ultimately began questioning the cause and effect of our actions and intentions and, in turn, began to study lifestyle choices that promote optimal well-being.

Jess Hughes, CEO of Jess Hughes Media and Illuminated Press™, is an audience growth expert, international speaker, 3x #1 international best selling author, TV host of The Creative LifeShow™, and visionary who created The Creative Lifebook™ series.

Her passion is to support hidden gem entrepreneurs in amplifying their voice, stepping into the spotlight, leading with confidence, and making a true impact in the world through educational programs, courses, and coaching.

She guides members through her three-phase signature solution to IGNITE their potential within her Creative LifeTribe of Conscious Creatives, helps them LEAP into action by inviting them to contribute to the Creative LifeBook series, and empowers them to MAXIMIZE their impact in her business growth accelerator: Illuminate.

Her resilience training is rooted in single parenting seven children after overcoming addiction and identity loss. This has given her a powerful voice that deeply resonates with a wide range of audiences.

She has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TED, and in Forbes, Chopra, and more.

Best-selling author Rami Donahoe, M.S., has two decades of experience working as a crisis counselor, child protective agent, and a dynamic K–12 school counselor in both Hawaii and California. The author is known for her motivational content that pushes people to reach their full potential. She has been called through Christ Jesus and therefore does not produce this work alone. Rami’s two favorite Bible verses are Proverbs 3:5 and 1 Corinthians 10:13, which focus on trust and faith in God.

Rami is a strong advocate for Christ-centered education and alternative learning environments. She has a passion for sharing these educational options with families to give their children their best chance for success in school, college, and their careers.

Rami has previously published Christian Focus in a Blurry World and is an established Christian music artist. She is also the best-selling author of Fight Flex Flight™: A Faith-Based Strategy Guide for Parents Concerned About Their Child and Public School.

Living a happy, healthy life can seem harder to accomplish than ever these days. Angela Leapua’s best-selling book Coping with Chaos: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety will help readers pinpoint and break through their barriers to happiness. Angela Leapua is an international best-selling author, speaker, and inspiring transformational leader. Her diverse education and free-spirited, uplifting personality has pushed her to the upper ranks of health and life coaching.

Angela has a master’s degree in education and business along with doctorate-level courses in organizational leadership and management. She is a graduate of IIN in nutritional health coaching and continues her life coaching education through Tony Robbins’s training and other recognized programs. From corporate boardrooms to the classroom, she has coached all age groups in various topics. She is a true master teacher of life skills.

Angela Leapua’s Coping with Chaos tackles the issues that contribute to one’s lack of motivation, sadness, addictions, and poor lifestyle choices. This book helps people recognize chaotic patterns, cope more effectively with the various forms of change, get to the root of personal problems, discover easy healthy habits, and develop new strategies for tackling challenging obstacles that are barriers to happiness.

Coping with Chaos is a down-to-earth book with practical instructions. Definitions, examples, and step-by-step guidelines will help people overcome the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of stress and anxiety. This book will empower readers to find balance and purpose in their relationships, work, and lifestyles.

Dr. Marcia Hunter is the author of Communication Keys and the Amazon #1 bestseller and international bestseller, Dream Achievement: The 6 Step Plan to An Inspired Life and Meaningful Success. She is also co-author of the Amazon #1 bestsellers, Success Chronicles Volume 1: You Define Your Own Success and Success Chronicles Volume 2: #GoalCrusher.

With a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a doctoral degree in instruction and curriculum leadership, she draws on 30 years as a psychology professor and trainer providing training and coaching — including training for Fortune 500 companies. She has also served over 10 years as a director/therapist in mental health services, a life coach, and a keynote speaker. In 2022 she was chosen and showcased as one of SUCCESS Magazine’s SUCCESS 125 leaders who help others reach their potential. In March 2023 she was again featured in SUCCESS Magazine, highlighting leadership, as a lifelong life coach. That same month, she was featured in a SUCCESS Magazine blog post highlighting her book, Dream Achievement.

You may reach Dr. Hunter at www.drmarciahunter.com. You can find Dream Achievement (with a foreword by the notable Les Brown) on Amazon. You don’t want to miss it!

Amir Baluch, MD, is a physician, entrepreneur, and investor based in Dallas, Texas. He is the founder and CEO of two companies:

  1. Baluch Capital, a wealth management platform that helps clients achieve their financial goals.
  2. Baluch Brothers Development, a real estate development company that specializes in the construction of affordable housing.

Dr. Baluch also educates his peers on personal finance and investments through his podcast, Financial Wellness MD.

You can find his best-selling book on Amazon: Make It, Keep It: The New Rules of Wealth Preservation for Doctors

 Dr. Gena Lester

Dr. Gena Lester is a college admissions expert, speaker, business coach, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. She has guided families in education and college admissions for over 25 years. Additionally, she works with entrepreneurs to grow their business by adding online systems that scale.

Being widowed at a young age she knows all too well that tomorrow is not promised. It was because of this that she set out to design a business that gave her the freedom to live life to the fullest, never miss a moment with her loved ones, and run a successful business. She was able to achieve her dream and now runs a multi-six figure business from anywhere in the world on her own schedule. She loves sharing her systems and processes with others allowing them to reach their goals.

Her background is both education and psychology-based, which includes a double master’s in higher education and industrial and organizational psychology, as well as a PhD and doctorate. Dr. Lester developed the “U-Niquely-U”™ formula, which she uses to help teens get into the college of their dreams and entrepreneurs find their passions and be more successful on their journey.

Roger Khoury is an expert in the field of market forecasting, with over two decades of experience.

In 2010, he developed an innovative, probability-based form of price forecasting called Market Vulnerability Analysis™ (or MVA™) to overcome an inherent flaw he had discovered that was unavoidably baked into every trading and investment strategy developed for the world’s financial markets.

This inherent flaw is the root cause of the uncertainty felt in the markets, as well as the large drawdowns and inconsistent performance results often experienced.

Khoury’s proprietary form of real-time demand analysis provides its users with an unparalleled level of control over their performance outcomes, enabling them to uniquely reduce the downside risks in the market without sacrificing the upside performance potential, through the accurate risk forecasting capability his MVA™ methodology provides.

Since 2011, over 90% of clients learn about and come to Khoury through word-of-mouth personal referrals from existing clients.

Roger Khoury

Dr. Deanne De Vries is grateful to have a career she is both passionate about and can make a difference within the lives she touches. She found her sweet spot over 30 years ago as a businesswoman, thought leader, researcher, educator, and trusted advisor at the intersection of culture, leadership, business and politics — particularly as it relates to Africa and the Middle East.

She founded her own firm (www.drdeannedevries.com) to expand the audiences she can help to further the impactful work she is doing with global for- and non-profit organizations and investors who want to be part of Africa’s growth story, helping them expand across borders and create multicultural teams.

Dr. De Vries also shares her extensive knowledge gained during a career that spanned five continents through her international best-selling books Africa: Open for Business, which was voted Best Africa Business Book of the Year 2023, and Africa: Reframing Political Leadership (available on Amazon).She’s even more excited that her books are starting to be used in university curricula, as her passion is to share and inspire young people to discover what she loves to call AfriCAN — the can-do continent — and inspire them to take up the mantle of public service.

Best-selling author Tom Wall is a financial industry veteran with 20 years’ experience and a PhD in retirement income planning. He has given keynote speeches to thousands of advisors from different backgrounds. He has spent most of his career as a product and strategy expert for a Fortune 100 company.

Early in his career, Tom experienced the devastating premature loss of his mother. With the subsequent loss of others, it was clear that we can’t take it with us. So much was left on their tables, and Tom was led to conduct exhaustive research on how to help clients balance the spending and enjoyment of their money against saving for the future.

The surprising outcome was a focus on centuries-old strategies, many of which became much more attractive in 2022 due to an act of Congress. These strategies remain some of the best-kept secrets in the industry, and Tom has emerged as one of the foremost experts in this space. Today, he hosts a study group for emerging top advisors, produces thought leadership for the industry, and partners with advisors to drive client success.

Tom Wall, PhD, MBA, MSFS, CLU, ChFC

Stephen Krempl is CEO of Krempl Communications International. As an international keynote speaker, trainer, and corporate communications coach, he has worked with thousands of leaders in over 30 countries. His career was spent working for Fortune 200 companies. He was chief learning officer at Starbucks Coffee Company and YUM Brands, Inc., and undertook senior learning and development roles at PepsiCo Restaurants International and Motorola. He is an expert on how leaders can stand out and get noticed in their corporations, even in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Stephen has authored nine books, including his Positively Negative: How to Turn Negative Messages into Positive Ones.

His Global Executive Mindset™ and 5% Zone programs are offered through individual coaching, in-house, and online programs that focus on developing high potential and future leaders, especially minorities, to get noticed in their organizations. The programs are based on his best-selling book The 5% Zone: Visibility Strategies That Get You Noticed and Rewarded in any Organization. He is now spreading this 5% message to university students to understand how to win in the working world through his W3 Accelerator program, which includes: 21 online modules, an app, a book, question bank, 90-day checklist, and webinar.

Lori Polep’s exposure to continuous learning started at a very young age by listening to her parents discuss business challenges and solutions in the businesses they owned. Lori didn’t realize it as a child, but those discussions started a foundation of knowledge that many others may never experience.

Lori worked for IBM after earning her Bachelor of Science in business administration with a focus on finance. She knew technology was the future. When she returned to the family business, she was able to create huge opportunities for growth through technological advances. Coupled with her belief in continuous learning, continuous improvement, employee engagement, mentoring, and process improvement, Lori sustained growth, productivity, and efficiency for the company and its employees.

As vice president and chief information officer, and with a Master of Science in business management (communication technologies) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lori possesses unique problem-solving and process improvement skills which have saved the company millions of dollars. Through teamwork, sales grew to the tune of $1.3 billion, and Lori’s negotiation skills continually saved the company money when working with vendors and suppliers.

Today, as a strategic advisor, Lori helps companies create sustainable businesses that support employees and continual, profitable growth.

 Lori Polep

Nichole Lewis bought her home at 22 and her first investment property at 23. Within 10 years, she had made millions in property. Now, with over 20 years’ experience in real estate, she helps people replace their corporate salaries with passive income in 10 years or less, no matter where they’re starting from.

Nichole, a full-time property investor and recipient of property awards for her ability to generate incredible property deals, is known as the queen of property. With a background working within global corporations as a speaker and mentor, Nichole created the Property Quadrants concept to revolutionize what real estate can do for you.

Dr. Vladimir Frias (DDS, MS, FACP) received his doctor of dental surgery and master of science degrees from Columbia University and completed a residency in prosthodontics at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center — followed by fellowships in maxillofacial prosthetics at the Bronx VA and the Nobel Biocare implant fellowship at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. He is a fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists, the American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics, and a diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

Dr. Frias has been widely published, both in scientific literature and in his best-selling fictional Portia Black series. He is currently the chief of maxillofacial prosthetics at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, where he practices the full scope of surgical and reconstructive implantology, including craniofacial implants and Anaplastology.

Vladimir Frias, DDS MS FACP