Karen Simpson-Hankins became a Best-Selling Author and because of the success of her book, the National Association of Professional Women named her the Professional Woman of the Year!

Karen Simpson-Hankins, recently referred to as the “Go-To” Mortgage and Real Estate Expert in the media and a breath of fresh air by her clients, has been helping people get the best deal possible on their home loans for over 40 years. This dedicated professional and consumer advocate knows every facet of the home loan process and is also a certified life coach, radio host, author, and speaker. She has taken on the role of an educator helping people navigate today’s daunting mortgage market and find their Right Fit Mortgage ™ .

Her Home Buyer Education Programs entitled “The Need Mortgage Info Now” series are designed to help guide consumers through today’s challenging and intimidating housing market.

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How Fast You Can Go From Unknown To Massive Credibility And Positioning… When It’s Done Right!

Karen Simpson-Hankins, a successful mortgage consultant came to us in early 2013. Karen had written a book but was unhappy with the reception it received and wanted it to be more than just another book – she wanted a best seller. Karen wanted to be featured on the radio and go from hunting for clients to being the hunted!

We helped Karen to relaunch her book, Conquer your Closing, with our award winning marketing team. We launched her book and it immediately became a best seller in multiple categories.

Within the first 48 hours Karen was offered a speaking engagement to over 3000 realtors at an annual Real Estate Convention.

Karen then began using her best selling book to get on the radio. In one years time she was featured on over 100 radio shows!

Karen was then offered her own radio show that was syndicated nationally and listened to by over 600,000 people every month.

Rob received this email from Karen in mid 2013. Due to all her success, Karen became the woman of the year for the NAPW, an organization of over 700,000 professional women!

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One of our author coaches can assist you and get all your questions answered.

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