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3 Steps to Streamlining Your High-ticket Leads Process



3 Steps to Streamlining Your High-ticket Leads Process

Today we’re talking about something that I think will be really helpful for anybody that is selling a higher ticket product, service, coaching program, or class. All of these offers require an appointment, whether that’s a phone call or scheduling a meeting with your potential client in person.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as getting the next warm body or interested person on the telephone. Face-to-face appointments, while valuable, can be a huge time killer for both you and your potential client.

I have three straightforward steps to share with you to streamline this process.

These are all based on the strategy that your book is what is creating the ongoing lead generation for you. This is all done through speaking engagements, media, PR, social media, and content marketing. Your book is doing the work for you by bringing in a fresh group of people who pre-qualify themselves by getting your book. This process will bring in new leads to you every single day (depending on how big you want to grow your business).

The three steps are:

  1. attracting the right person in your funnel
  2. framing that person
  3. then you’re getting them to a phone conversation, or maybe if your business is local, a one on one appointment to convert.

The first page of our funnel at Best Seller Publishing is what we call a free plus shipping offer. This is the first step in bringing new leads “into our world.”

The best way to get quality leads into your business is to ask for an investment of some type. This is typically done one of two ways:
– an investment of their time (by signing up to attend a webinar)
– a financial investment (even if it’s small)

I don’t just want people that opt-in with an email address for something free. I want people that are willing to pull out their credit card and say, “this is valuable enough that I’m happy to pay the shipping charge.”  

After they’ve submitted their information to get the free book and pay for the shipping, they’re then taken through a process of upsells and downsells. If you’re not familiar with this process, think back to the old days of infomercials and the famous phrase, “but wait! There’s more!”

These people have already shown they want to buy from you, offering a valuable upsell (or downsell if they choose not to take the upsell) brings them that much deeper into your world.

The very last page of this funnel is what I call the free training page.

This is a page on how to launch your book to bestseller, get real TV, radio, and media in the next 30 days.

I call it an unadvertised bonus, but it’s a 45-minute video of me teaching and training on what a book can do for your business. Most of you have probably seen this, but what’s most important is that right below the video on this page is an opportunity for someone to apply to work with us.

This is a one-time coaching call or what we call an author strategy session, with a member of my team.

In order to make sure we’re a good fit to work together, there is a lengthy form they need to fill out that tells us:

  • Whether or not they’ve already authored a book
  • If they have, what the title is
  • How the book is done
  • What they need help with
  • If they haven’t written a book, do they want help publishing it, marketing it, or getting PR

Once I have this information we need to know what their budget is.

All of these questions help me and my team somewhat pre-qualify somebody before we ever schedule a call with them. @BSPBooksClick to Tweet

All of these questions help me and my team somewhat pre-qualify somebody before we ever schedule a call with them.

The application is a required step to schedule a phone call. We won’t get on the phone with someone who hasn’t filled out the application. We average a thousand or so buyers of my book each month, which leads to 175 to 225 applications of people who go all the way through the funnel and take that next action which is to apply for a strategy session/coaching call.

Everyone who signs up for our email list will get a weekly email from us (using our autoresponder which is set up through Active Campaign). The goal of these emails is to provide value to our subscribers, which is usually done in the form of a case study of a client.

Not everyone on our list has gone all the way through the funnel, so we generally send a broadcast email once a week which sends them back to the application. This usually generates 20-30 applications, and then every single day, depending on when somebody comes into the funnel, they’re getting a series of emails from me which drives them back to filling out an application.

Someone clicking the link to the application is the first step. When they see this page it’s going to have a number of things on the page that warms the visitor up to who we are and what we do. At this point, they may have only bought the book (and not read it yet), or seen a video. They don’t know much about us.

The goal of this step is to frame us as experts.

The one person who can help them solve their problem in this space. We explain what we do and how we can help them.

Nothing frames us as the expert better than our book, but if they haven’t had a chance to read the book we want to give them other ways that they can more quickly get up to speed on who we are and what we do.

Once they fill out that application, the next phase of the process goes into place: they’re going to schedule an appointment.

We’ve already explained what happens after they submit the application, but our goal of course, is to have someone watch the entire video. The video is really indoctrination into who we are, what we do, and how we help our clients. If we end up on a call with someone who hasn’t watched the entire video it ends up being a short call because they need to watch the video first (we also let people know this when we get on the call).

We don’t want to spend the time of this call trying to build rapport and warm you up to who we are. When someone gets on the phone and says, now who are you again and what do you do?

That is not the way we want to start a telephone call with somebody. We want them to know what we do, know who we help, and how we help them.

When the potential client/customer is on the same page with us, we’re able to really dig in, see what their real problems and challenges are, and then determine is this a great fit for them and for us.

If it’s yes to all those things, then it’s just a matter of the finances. Can they afford the investment that they have to make with us? And if not, then we would refer them somewhere else or let them know there are other options for them besides our done for you products and services.

You need to have a process in place that does this exact same thing if you’re selling something for $3,000 or $4,000, or above because you’re not going to be able to do that in an automated process, you’re going to have to do that via a one on one appointment or a phone consultation with somebody.

Your time is valuable.

You need to have a pre-qualification process in place so you don’t end up spending hours on the phone with people who aren’t a good fit. After 60, 70, 80 phone calls with unqualified people, you are going to be at your wit’s end. So you want to get people to qualify through an automated process.

The more you can streamline your processes, the better you can serve your ideal client.

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  1. Really liked this article. Very useful information especially as I move forward into taking advantage of my book and moving into the online world of doing business. What tools would you use to create your application? Can they just fill it in online, click a button and send it back to your email?

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