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Keep it Fresh by Repurposing Content



Keep it Fresh by Repurposing Content

“Repurpose” is a word that gets thrown out a lot online. It can be hugely helpful to your business.

If you’re still in the process of writing your first book, this may not be 100% applicable but I hope it can give you some things to think about as you’re writing it. 

Today we’re talking about how to repurpose some of the content in your book to give more value to your marketplace and increase your impact. 

This all starts with quality content. That’s kind of a no brainer, right? 

But what’s good quality content if no one knows about it? 

It’s equally as important to make sure that people are consuming your content. 

For example, one of my clients, Robert Raleigh, has a pretty big business primarily based in the European Union. 

He has one book but doesn’t have any other content that supports it. 

He has a few courses he sells and he also holds live events which lead his clients into a coaching/consulting relationship. 

Robert has no intention to write another book or create a workbook from the one he’s published, but he continues to use his book to bring in thousands of new clients every single year. 

His model is the one I’ve talked about quite a bit: using a book to establish authority and expertise, then further using it to bring people into a funnel to make them customers. He’s been doing this successfully for years with his one book. 

Though he doesn’t really need it, I think Robert could really benefit from increasing his online presence. 

We all could. 

One mistake I see often in terms of marketing online is how quickly ads can get fatigued. This happens because the images are the same, the book covers are the same, etc. 

The results of these ads slow down and many business owners can easily get frustrated.

This is why it’s important to craft new content, and/or repurpose your existing content so your offers appear fresh. Click to Tweet

This is why it’s important to craft new content, and/or repurpose your existing content so your offers appear fresh. 

We recently ran into this problem with my book, Publish Promote Profit. 

Our ads weren’t doing as well which means the funnel isn’t doing well because there wasn’t enough traffic being driven to it. 

How did we fix it? 

We created a new funnel using a workbook. 

It’s called “The Black Book of Writing, Marketing, PR and Media.” 

It looks almost exactly like my other free plus shipping book funnel because it’s modeled after it; however, we’re making a very clear and distinct offer for the workbooks. 

I shot a new short video with a lot of the same testimonials and case studies for my book because the content from the workbook is taken directly from the book. 

In one week my book funnel brought in 57 sales which is a little over $2,000. 

I’m less concerned with gross revenue, and more about the number of people who are buying because those people will ideally convert to new customers. 

In the same week, my workbook funnel has done significantly more: $5,000 in sales with 223 new people. 

There’s probably some overlap with these funnels, but that’s totally ok. 

In that one week, I spent $8,400 which brought in $7,100 in sales. This means that it only cost me about $1,300 to bring in almost 300 new leads. 

I wanted to share these results with you because I think it’s not talked about enough. 

This is what we do on a daily basis and all I had to do was repurpose a book I wrote over a year ago. 

Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or an expert of any kind in any field, you should absolutely start thinking about what you can do to repurpose your content. 

I have two more examples for you: 

1. Gary Malofsky

Gary is a super-smart entrepreneur who wrote a book on cryptocurrency called “Crypto Economy.”

How easy would it be for Gary to repurpose his book into a workbook with chapters on how to safely buy bitcoin or safely buy a theory of how to store bitcoin? 

He could include a section about how someone could make sure they’re keeping the bad guys out of their cryptocurrency, how to navigate the future of cryptocurrency, etc.

2. Danielle Formaro 

Danielle wrote a book called “Add This to Your Plate” where she shares all kinds of recipes with beautiful pictures. 

It would be so doable for her to create a workbook as well. 

There could be sections where someone could follow along with recipes, adjust ingredients/restrictions for their own needs, they could schedule their meals for the week, keep track of nutrition, etc. 

A workbook can be made from virtually any book. 

I  want to share the steps for how we created our workbook so this isn’t just a blog post of me telling you that you should do something. I hope these actionable steps are helpful. 

1. Create an Outline from your Book. 

I had the help of a team, but it’s totally doable on your own as well. 

It’s important to break down each part of your book so each section can be turned into questions where readers can give the answers. 

We have three sections of our book, as the title suggests, publish (which is about writing one’s book), promote (getting that book to becoming a best seller), and profit (going over all the ways one can profit from their book). 

So we used that format to create three sections for the workbook. 

Within each section, someone from my team created questions for the reader such as who their ideal client is, who’s going to buy their book, etc. 

In the promotion section there are prompts where readers can work out the first few sentences of their press release, then the answer a question which works as the second part of their press release, and so on. 

I worked with my team on this to make sure there wasn’t too much teaching in the workbook, or that there wasn’t too much cutting and pasting, etc. 

We also wanted to make sure it looks completely different from the book because we’re repurposing it to attract an entirely new audience or to get the attention of people who haven’t gone through the book funnel yet.

2. Printing.

Once we had the workbook ready to go, I went to our friend Mike Fredericks who does all of our printing and fulfillment and I told him about the workbook. 

He put something together and I loved it. It has a really nice hardcover with a great spine. 

It’s a little more expensive to print a workbook with that quality, but I decided I was willing to spend the extra couple dollars to reach an entirely new audience.

3. Advertising

From here you can take your new offer to social media, paid ads, etc. 

This part is a little different for everyone. It depends on the size of your business, what your current marketing situation looks like, etc.

Whether you choose to repurpose your content into a workbook, or some other form, you want to make sure it’s fresh and updated from the original piece of content. 

I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas about what you can do with what content you already have. 

This is how you can give people more of what they want while at the same time increasing your impact and your income. 


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