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Million Dollar Author Strategy – How to Start (Part 1)



Million Dollar Author Strategy – How to Start (Part 1)

Regardless of what industry you’re in, the size of your business, or how big your audience is, with the right steps, you can become a millionaire author.

I’m talking about having your own million-dollar author plan so you can achieve the success with your book that you want. 

Over a series of 7 blog posts, I’m going to walk through the different ways that you can use your book to become a million-dollar author. Some of these steps will be easier than others, some will feel like a natural fit for you and your business more than others, but don’t worry about all of that. 

Not every idea will work for every author so pick what works for you. 

One other suggestion I have before we jump in is to go all-in on one or two different strategies. If you can focus on one path to becoming a million-dollar offer, you’re much more likely to reach that goal. 

7 Ways to Create a Million Dollar Author Plan

  1. Begin with the end in mind  

This is one of the first things I tell our clients. I’m not just talking about the end of your book, I’m talking about the end of what you really want your book to accomplish for you. 

What are you looking for for your book to do for you? Do you want it to bring in speaking engagements for you?

Well, then you better have it set up to do that very thing. 

Do you want it to bring in coaching clients or consulting clients? Do you want it to sell courses? Etc. It’s important to keep these things in mind as you start working on your book. Now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t maybe pivot or make some adjustments. That’s always ok, and it’s often expected. 

This strategy is quite simple. 

If your end goal is to make money from royalties, book deals, movies, additional books etc., that’s completely doable. We’ve worked with clients who have achieved all of these things and some have made six figures in royalties. 

I have not made that much, but I do make over a thousand dollars a month just from my Amazon royalties from Publish, Promote, Profit which is great. 

We’ve worked with clients who found so much success because of the book launch we did for them, that other publishers reached out for traditional publishing deals. 

We’ve also had a couple of clients get movie deals with their books, one nonfiction, and one fiction. Any of these results are possible for you. 

But here’s the thing… if you want royalties to be the main way that you’re making money or you want someone to write you a big check for your next book, then you need to think in terms of creating new content and writing new books on a continuous basis. 

It’s not enough just to have one book. There is a shelf life of attention for your book. (No pun intended). 

One of our clients, Ted Coleman wrote a book called the Nehemiah Effect. He’s an agile consultant to manufacturing firms. Ted got close to a high five-figure book advance even though his audience was so small because of how successful his first book launch was.

For those of you that do just want to write or love creating content and you’re thinking in terms of writing one or two books every single year, then, by all means, keep doing it. Keep creating. I am. I am recommitted to my schedule. 

I have a new book that I’m planning on launching in January, but I’m recommitting to my schedule to create two new books a year. 


Because that’s what I do and that’s the best way for me to get my message out. 

As we move through the rest of this blog post series, keep in mind that not every strategy will work for you/your business. That’s expected. Use what you can and please change anything to make these ideas work better for you.

Regardless of which strategies you choose to use, I believe that starting with the end in mind is the most important step. Getting clear on what you want to achieve with your book will allow you to find the success you want.

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