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See The Problem And Create The Solution



See The Problem And Create The Solution

Today we’re talking content. 

From books to blog posts, to podcasts and video… short form or long form, it can be challenging to be consistent without having a framework in place. 

I recently came across a CNBC Facebook post by a company called Booster Fuel. They’re a company that buys gas from a refinery, and then they deliver it directly to your car. 

You don’t even have to be in your car! 

As long as you leave the little door to get into the gas tank open, they’ll fill your car with regular or premium gas. Then it charges you automatically. This is all done through their app. 

I hadn’t heard of them before, but I read that they’re doing $200,000 a day. 

They executed on an idea that so many of us have probably wished for.

We live in such a convenience-based society.

We can have our groceries delivered and Amazon can deliver almost anything we want within two days.

We want that ease in our lives. 

Booster Fuel saw a problem and created a solution. They recognized that their ideal client doesn’t worry about having to go to the gas station. They just want to tap a button and have it delivered. 

I truly believe that Booster Fuel can become a multi-billion dollar company

Similarly, I got together with my friend Dean Jackson a few months ago. He’s a great marketer. He shared a bit about the Kylie Jenner phenomenon with me. 

Kylie Jenner is part of the Kardashian family and has recently become a billionaire.

You may say she’s a billionaire because of all of the attention she and her family receive in the media, but there are plenty of people with massive media attention who never become billionaires. In fact, no one else in the Kardashian family is a billionaire. 

Here’s the really interesting part: she did it with only seven employees. She created Kylie Cosmetics in a very thoughtful way because she knew who her audience was. 

She obviously has a very large audience, and she saw an opportunity to offer something to her audience that would solve a problem for them. 

Dean told me that she actually didn’t create/make these cosmetics herself. She basically partnered with a firm who helped her create Kylie Cosmetics. So in one sense, all of her fulfillment and creation is completely outsourced. 

She doesn’t need 1,000 employees to build a billion-dollar company. She just needed 7. I know that probably sounds pretty attractive to many people. 

My point in sharing these two stories with you is to emphasize the importance of being attuned to who our ideal client is, what their big problem/pain point is, and how we can solve it for them. 

In the example of Booster Fuel, it’s a service that’s being done. In the example of Kylie Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics, it’s a product.

So when it comes to never run out of ideas for great content for your videos, your blog post, etc., you are going to have to create themes around a couple of things.

There are a few questions you can be asking yourself in terms of creating content:

  1. What’s the big promise my product(s) or service(s) offer?
  2. What is the ultimate pain that my client faces?

With Best Seller Publishing when we are ghostwriting, we’re helping people bring their ideas to fruition. Then we publish, do book launches, and book media and PR.

These are typically our client’s initial pain points when they get to us. 

When I started Best Seller Publishing, we actually didn’t offer any media or PR services but within a few years, I saw that our clients had this second need/pain point. 

So I hired one publicist to see if there was something we can do. 

I learned that there was and that with the right publicist, we could offer excellent PR services

Pretty quickly we added a second, third, and fourth publicist.

You may find in your business that there’s one big pain point that your clients have, but you may also find that there are multiple smaller ones.

If you can solve those problems with products and/or services that you offer, that’s awesome. 

If not, you can always refer them to someone who can. (Which might make for a great affiliate opportunity).

The third question you ask yourself when it comes to creating content:

  1. What’s the ultimate happy place for your client?

This is where ever they want to be. 

The old adage I think I first heard it 15 years ago from Dan Kennedy: “nobody buys a drill because they want to drill. They buy a drill because they want a hole.” 

It’s the same thing with your product or your service. 

No one becomes a client at Best Seller Publishing just so they can physically hold their own book in their hands, they want something else to come from that book. 

So you need to dig a little bit deeper and ask yourself, what’s the number one solution to get my client to their happy place?

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