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Book Marketing With PR & Media



Book Marketing With PR & Media

At Best Seller Publishing, part of our services includes media and PR once a client is ready to launch their book. 

Before we offered those services we would give our clients the tools and information they needed to do it themselves. 

It was a good idea in theory, but we found that most of our clients didn’t implement those strategies so they didn’t get the results they desired in terms of book sales, establishing authority, etc. 

So today I want to go over…

  1. The purpose of Media/PR and why you want it. 
  2. How BSP does Media/PR (our strategies/tactics)
  3. Ways you can generate ongoing leads with Media/PR so you can attract your ideal client and grow your authority. 

First and foremost, let’s talk about the foundation and the purpose behind media and PR. Many people have come to me saying they know they want it, but they’re not totally sure why. 

Some think that if they get on the Today Show, for example, it will bring them up to superstar status and it’ll totally be a game-changer, but the truth is that almost never happens. 

Yes, it would increase your authority, but without a handful of media appearances, it’ll look more like 15 minutes of fame. 

So why would someone want to book an appearance like that in the first place?

The hierarchy of desire. 

As your authority and credibility increases, so does your ideal client’s desire for you. 

Writing a book is the number one way to grow that hierarchy of desire. A book allows someone who is a generalist or a specialist move all the way up to expert, thought leader, and celebrity. 

The second way, which we incorporate into the process, is media and PR. 

Think about any thought leader or celebrity in your space (or any space really). They don’t just have a book. They also have multiple media appearances to go along with that book. 

The purpose of media appearances is not to sell books. 

Book sales are a bonus. 

We want to use media and PR for a long term goal. 

I’m going to use Best Seller Publishing as an example…

As I previously mentioned, our clients weren’t implementing the strategies we were sharing with them so I decided to partner with a PR agency so our clients could get those services. 

I talked to a number of agencies and found that they were are pretty much the same. 

It’s about $5,000 a month for PR/media services and there’s typically a three-month minimum which are fair rates, but the reason I chose to start my own PR agency within Best Seller Publishing is that every agency I talked to could not guarantee results. 

In fact, they were taken back that I would even suggest that they should guarantee a number of placements. 

I didn’t want to take my clients, who I’ve promised will become bestsellers (and who do become bestsellers) to an agency that may charge them upwards of $15,000 without guaranteed results. 

I wanted to see if we could figure out how to offer PR and media services to our clients at Best Seller Publishing. 

Fast forward, many years later, and we have three full-time publicists here in the office. 

So how do we do it? 

When a client has published their book, we first want to focus on two types of media that best suit the client and their book. 

We’re going to be pitching to hundreds of media outlets. Why so many? Because you may have to pitch to 100 or 200 places to get five or six actual placements on podcasts, in print, online, in magazines, radio, television, etc. 

The first type of media we focus on is called “specific media,” where you’re speaking directly to your target audience. 

A good example would be a podcast, a blog, or an article because those outlets typically know their audiences. That allows authors to share their message with people who are ready and willing to take the next steps

I’ve spoken on podcasts where there are only 100-200 listeners but it’s such a niche podcast, that I make more money or gain more clients than I do from a national radio or television spot. 

The second type of media is more general such as television or radio. General isn’t bad, but it should be paired with media that has a specific focus. 

At the beginning of this year, I was on KTLA in Los Angeles which is the number two market in the United States because 18 million people live here. 

I was talking all about writing a book and how it’s one of the most difficult New Year’s Resolutions to keep. My topic is quite a niche, but because I was on radio I made sure to keep it general enough by focusing on the topic of writing a book. Many of my clients have to do similar things when they appear on television, radio, etc. 

Media appearances that have broad/general audiences are important because they raise an author’s credibility and authority. 

At Best Seller Publishing we guarantee a number of media placements, both specific and general. 

We’re not in a monthly contract with our clients, we’re in a contract to give them a certain number of media placements. This means that we encourage our clients to say yes to every media outlet that offers an interview/spot. 

Sometimes we have to explain to our clients that just because a podcast only has 25,000 or 50,000 downloads, it will be an amazing fit because their audience is very specific and will be extremely interested in the author’s topic.

I personally focus on podcasts who have listeners that I know will be interested in what I have to offer, regardless of their listener count. I’ve done six figures from a podcast appearance that had a small audience because it was the right people. 

A friend recently shared an interesting story about Rachel Ray with me… 

Prior to getting her own cooking show, she had written a book. 

Once she published that book, she started doing media appearances. 

Her publicist booked her on a small radio show in Albany, New York. The population of Albany is less than 100,000 people. There are more people where I live in Pasadena, California but she took that appearance and went on the show. 

Here’s the cool thing: one of the listeners happened to be the director of programming for the Food Network!

Because of that interview on a small radio station in Albany, Rachel Ray got the opportunity to pitch her show to the Food Network. 

We all know how that pitch went. 

What are the best ways to generate leads using PR and media? 

I just mentioned I was on KTLA to talk about Best Seller Publishing. I didn’t share what the results were from that interview. 

It was zero. 

We received not one telephone call from that interview on a radio station with tens if not, hundreds of thousands of listeners. 

Not a single telephone call. 

Should that discourage me? Not at all because that’s what I was expecting. 

I’ve been on TV in San Diego, San Francisco, and many other big cities and they have generated no leads. 

So why do I keep doing them? 

Because I can repurpose the video and use it for a paid ad. 

There’s one paid ad we’re running right now which is a video of me on KTLA promoting our book, Publish, Promote, Profit. 

This is an ad for our free plus shipping book funnel so people can get the book for free. I run traffic to it every day. 

I tell my clients that they can do this exact same thing with any type of media they’ve appeared on as well. 

They should also be sharing every single media appearance on some kind of media page on their website. Everything from a TV appearance to an article should have a direct link to that video/post/etc. 

People no longer trust a pretty logo, but they can trust a media appearance in which there are written, visual, or audio proof. 

As a potential client is consuming that content, the author’s credibility and authority are rising as well. 

The goal of media and PR is to increase one’s credibility and authority as well as increase lead generation. 

This is exactly how we do it at Best Seller Publishing, this is what we do for our clients, and I hope at least some part of this resonates with you so you can incorporate it into your business as well. 

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