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Earn Money From Your Book Before It’s Published



Earn Money From Your Book Before It’s Published

Earning money from your book before it’s even completed. 

Sound difficult? It’s not. 

Sell advertising space in your book. 

I know that may not sound exciting, but it really is that simple. 

In this blog post, I’m going to share a great strategy with you so you can give people an opportunity to have a page in your book. We typically call this space the “Partner Section.”

We want to give people an opportunity to have one page in our bestselling book that is going to be bought/downloaded thousands of times, just from the launch. 

This page isn’t a pure advertisement, we’re not selling ads in a newspaper, but it should be some copy/explanation as to who this partner is, what they do and how that can be helpful for your audience who will be buying your book.

So first and foremost, as you know, you’re my authors. You are our BSP clients. You know how powerful it is to have a book.

This book alone in the first two months of 2019 has brought in over seven figures into Best Seller Publishing just in January and February. So is the book powerful? Well, you know it.

You also know how difficult it is to actually get your book completed.

So more than likely the potential partners that you’re going to be going to, our people that have either thought about writing a book or they at least the power in having a bestselling book and being featured as a product partner or affiliate of some kind in that book.

These are people that hopefully will, won’t have to educate too much, but if we have to do some education, that’s completely fine. Now warning. Okay. To begin this, first of all, this is too valuable for you to cheapen in any way, so you need to be careful the people that you potentially, if you’re going to do this and use this strategy, I did not, but if you’re going to do this and use this strategy, you need to be careful who the partners are that you pick to be a part of your book, okay?

You don’t just want to pick somebody because they can write you a check for fifteen-hundred or $2,000. You want to pick somebody because you really believe in them because they’re complementary to your service, not competitive, right?

We don’t want to put our competitors here. We want to put those that compliment what we do in here and so we want to be careful. If you’re going to use this strategy, you want to be careful about the people that you have in the book because this is too valuable.

As I said, hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month in revenue directly specifically as related to my book because of the funnels that we’re running, offering the book as part of our free plus shipping funnels.

Something you’ve heard me talk about, I wouldn’t want to have people that are my partners in this book that I wasn’t just 100% on board with and felt completely great about.

As I said, I don’t have anybody in it anyway, but if I were going to, I’d want to make sure to pick the best partners.

So that’s number one, and that’s a warning.

You want to make sure that if you’re going to do this, you’re going to pick people that are complementary to your business and you’re going to pick people that you really believe in their product, you believe in their service, you believe in what they’re offering, and you see this as a benefit to your readers.

So, what do you do?

Well, I’ve already shared, you’re going to have a section in your book towards the back part of your book and you can call that section the partners’ section or affiliate section or something that lets people know that these are people that you believe in and that you vouch for in some way.

Put a specific number on it which creates some scarcity. It makes people take action, so you tell them we’re only going to have 10 sponsors within the book and those 10 sponsors will will receive an entire page of which we’ll want you potential mister or missus sponsor to write some copy, explain about the benefits of your product or service, and then give people your website or a link or something back to you so that they can get some more information.

So you want to create a set number that you’re selling, which creates some scarcity because people know, okay, once those are gone, then they’re all gone.

This is something that you could easily offer for $1500 to $2,000 and here is one of the magic pieces or the sizzle, if you will, when it comes to working with Best Seller Publishing, just like you wanted to know that your book was going to be successful when we launch it, that it was going to be a bestseller and in fact was going to be a bestseller internationally.

We have a launch process that we use with paid advertising on over 50 different websites internationally, that we do a massive social media campaign that we do three US press releases, that we have this whole process that goes into launching your book and making your book successful right out of the gate.

This is something that you can now sell, right? As, uh, as your paid sponsors would be interested not just in you publishing this book and crossing your fingers. I hope it does well. I hope it does well, but instead, let them know.

I’m going to guarantee for you that this book is going to be a best seller in more than one country. I’m going to have screenshots. I’m going to prove this to you and you can even reverse the risk by telling them and in fact, if we don’t do this for you because my publisher is going to be doing all of this, if we don’t do it for you, I will still allow you to be in the book and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Now, that’s no risk to you because that’s my promise to you.

My promise to you in our written guarantee, as you know, is that when we do a book launch and we do all of these steps in the process, that takes a significant amount of time, energy and effort, right? And expertise because we’ve been doing it for so long, I stand behind what we do and I let you know if it doesn’t hit bestseller internationally, then guess what? I write you a check and I give you your money back.

Now you can turn around and use that guarantee with your potential sponsors and let them know this isn’t just going to be a book that we publish and Cross our fingers that it does. Well, this is going to be a bestseller. So you, Mister and missus potential sponsor are going to be featured in a bestselling book, guaranteed.

You’re going to have thousands, if not tens of thousands of, of sets of eyeballs on your content and potentially driving people back to you. And you can even use it and give it out.

That’s something that I would suggest. And so you’ll want to give them 10 copies or 20 copies of your book. If they sponsor it for $1500 or $2,000, you can print 20 copies at a cost of, of $60 or $70 so that you can give them that book and they can, in turn, give that to their clients.

Then your partners can say “here’s where we’re featured as the product section of this bestselling author” that gives you some added credibility and exposure and it gives them something tangible that they can then use with their clients.

So this is not complicated. This is a simple process.

Where it gets complicated is number one, you need to figure out who those best partners are, those complimentary partners. You need to figure out who they are so that you can approach them. When you approach them, you’re going to approach them in a pretty simple manner.

The simple manner is I’m offering 10 sponsors, sections, 10 sponsored pages where a complimentary partner like yourself can have an entire page in the back of my book, in the sponsored section or in the partner’s section. And I’m going to guarantee that you’re going to be in my bestselling book, that the book is going to be a bestselling book or this is completely free.

So you risk nothing at all. If anybody advertises, right? If any of your potential partners advertise and they spend money on Facebook ads or Google ads or Instagram ads or YouTube or anything else, we spend money at all those places, then they’re going to be very familiar with this.

They’re writing you a check for a chance to get in your book as part of a bestselling book that they know is going to be seen by thousands and thousands of people. So very simple. You’re going to offer them, you’re going to let them know that you’re only offering this to 10 people a and you might even, again, just a type of, of sales tactic if you will. You want to let them know that, uh, you’re going to them and maybe one other person that is in a similar business them, right?

If they don’t take you up on your offer then you let them know someone else is. There’s this sense of “the fear of missing out” right there. They know that their similar competitors with this other company that compliments what you do. And if they don’t go with you, right then and lock that up, then guess what?

Not only are they missing out on their opportunity of being in the book, but they’re going to have their competitor featured in your book. So this, this creates some sense of urgency knowing that number one, there are only 10 spots and number two, you’re going to them and to a competitor.

If they don’t do it, then it’s going to be the competitor that does it. Now, this can be done very easily and we have clients who’ve done this and, and done 1$5 to $20,000 before the book was ever completed.

As you know, there are other ways to do it. We have training in our membership area on how Mia Moran used Kickstarter to do more $52,000 before her book was ever completed. So there are other ways to do it. But again, the warning is that your book is way more valuable than $20,000.

My book has already generated well over seven figures just in the first couple of months of the year. So you don’t want to cheapen it by putting somebody in the book that you don’t feel terrific about as a product partner in some way, so never, never cheapen it.

Your book is going to be way more valuable in the future than that. However, if this is something that’s interesting to you and this is something that you want to take action on, then just follow the steps mentioned. You need to figure out first, who are the people that I want to go to that are complementary to my business? Second, you want to have two per category and you want to come up with a simple script that basically says, Hey, I’m giving x number of people this opportunity to be in my book.

Lastly, my book is going to be a bestselling book guaranteed, or I’m going to give you your money back. And this book is going to be seen by tens of thousands of people potentially that, are not just interested in me and what I do, but they’ll be interested in who I believe in as a complimentary business or partnership.

This is a way that many of our clients have done good revenue before their book has ever completed. And it’s a way that you can absolutely do the exact same thing and in fact, potentially pay for your book before your book has ever done.

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