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How to Publish a Book



How to Publish a Book

Becoming a bestselling author is one of the best ways to become a celebrity in their industry, make more money, and build the business they want; however, that can’t happen until they’ve written their book.

This post is going to be most helpful for someone who hasn’t written their book yet, but knows they should and is ready to move forward in that process.

For many, publishing a book can be an intimidating and scary project to take on, but it can be broken down into three simple steps:

Step 1: The Foundation 

In many ways, the foundation is the place where most authors make their first mistake. More often than not, someone has been thinking about writing a book for many years by the time they’re finally ready to get to it. 

I’ve found that the longer you sit on a project waiting to do it, the more likely it is to lose confidence in that project. It’s easy to question what expertise one has in their industry, or how to put what they do know in a book, or if they should even write a book. 

These are all part of the process. It’s totally normal to question yourself, but if you really do believe in yourself and what you have to offer it’s important to answer those questions so you can start writing your book with a solid foundation. 

The next part of that foundation to focus on is one’s audience. Is there an audience that would be interested in your story/what you want to share? 

Here at Bestseller Publishing, when a new client starts working with us we set them up on a call with one of our project managers. Prior to that call, we have each client fill out a few forms. One of those forms includes an author market questionnaire where we ask them questions about their market. 

We want to know who their audience is, what their fears, worries, and concerns are, what their aspirations and desires are and how they want to help their audience. We also ask our clients how they can solve their audience’s biggest problem. 

So on this call, our project manager will use these forms to have a brainstorming session with the new client to help them build their foundation. 

The foundation is where we craft the book for their book as well as subtitles and table of contents. A business owner can use their book as the foundation for their business for decades, so it’s crucial they consider who they’re writing it for and who they want to attract. 

The next step of the publishing process is: 

Step 2: Creation

It’s time to get that book written.

This can get done in a number of different ways. 

At Bestseller Publishing, this is where our project manager pairs our client with one of our staffed ghostwriters. 

We don’t do traditional ghostwriting because we’ve found that it can be easy for the person working with the ghostwriter to lose their own voice and we don’t want that to happen. 

We ask our authors to record content for each chapter so they’re crafting their story via a few main points, then our ghostwriter will go through those recordings to flesh them out and put them together in a readable book.

Once we have a transcript of all of the recordings for each chapter, that still has the voice of our client, our ghostwriter will spend four to six weeks taking that rough material and transforming it into a fantastic book. It will have short punchy sentences, paragraphs, bullet points with instructions, clear conclusions, etc. 

Creating a book can feel like a daunting process, but when done correctly, there is such a huge pay off for authors. 

The last step of the publishing phase is…

Step 3: Execution

From an outline to designing the final book cover, every step is important. 

At Bestseller Publishing we have in house designers because I’ve always felt that it’s so much easier to work with designers you have a relationship with. When there is that solid foundation with a designer, communication is so much easier and there’s a level of trust that just can’t be beat.

So how long does it really take to write a book?

At Bestseller Publishing, most of our clients are busy entrepreneurs so we ask that they give us 1-2 hours a week. If they’re able to do at least a few hours a week, we can have this entire publish phase done in five months. 

Whatever route you choose in publishing your book, there is no better time to get started than now. Writing a book will only help your business. 

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