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Promote Your Book in 3 Simple Steps



Promote Your Book in 3 Simple Steps

In this previous blog post, I covered the basics of publishing a book.

Today we’re talking promotion. 

At Bestseller Publishing, we work with many people who already have a published book. They’ll explain that they really don’t need to go through our “publish” phase because they’re comfortable with their book. 

I totally get that; however, if their book is four or five years old, I like to suggest that they create a second edition. 

Writing another book gives you an opportunity to talk to your potential clients with fresh new content that’s more current and relevant than what’s in your previous book. 

If their book is recently written or they’re just interested in promoting the book they have, it’s time to launch them into the promotion phase. During this part of the process, we ensure that their book isn’t like every other book about their industry. 

Most people don’t realize this, but the average book only sells two hundred copies in its lifetime. 

It gets worse. 

80% of those copies are sold directly to the author to be given away to friends, family, at events, etc. 

Who would want to spend potentially years of their life writing something that the market has absolutely no interest for? At Bestseller Publishing, we ensure that that doesn’t happen. 

So once we’re confident that an author’s book has relevant and interesting content that is unlike anything else in the same space, we begin the three-step promotion phase. 

Step One: The Review Step

It’s time to make that book an Amazon Bestseller. 

We make sure an author’s book receives 8-10 four and five-star reviews. These aren’t bogus reviews, they’re totally legitimate Amazon verified reviews. 

For those of you who don’t know, a verified Amazon review is one where someone has gone through the Amazon system, purchased your book, and then reviewed it. 

This part can be a bit time consuming, but we have a number of ways to go about it. 

One of our strategies is to utilize the author groups we’re apart of. In these groups, we do review exchanges. There are other authors in the group, as well as some of the best writers on my staff. When someone receives a review, they return the favor by giving that person a review as well. 

This can sometimes take two to three weeks. 

During this time, I suggest to the author that they begin sharing their book directly on their social media platforms, to their email list, and even their friends and family to ask for reviews as well. It really is the more, the merrier. 

Step Two: Setup

Once we have the required number of reviews, we begin the setup phase. 

We set up an author to do a five-day promotional period where we’re going to flood the Amazon link to their book onto every platform. We want to bring in as much traffic as possible. 

We’ll also organize three national press releases that mention the author’s book on hundreds of different media sites like ABC, NBC, FOX, newspapers around the country, etc. 

Another way we promote the author’s book is by using paid advertising on over 50 different websites. Many of the sites we use to get hundreds of thousands of book buyers every single month and we’re going to utilize 50 of them. 

Step 3: Social Media

We work with an author on their social media accounts so they can be reaching potentially hundreds of thousands of people online. 

This can look different from author to author because not every author needs to be on every social media platform, nor should they. 

We really help them figure out which platforms will best serve them and their book, and we move forward from there. 

As I mentioned, this all happens over a five-day process. Typically, on the first day of the launch, our client’s book will go all the way to number one in their category, and then oftentimes they’ll go to number one in multiple categories. 

Recently, one of our authors reached number one in 6 different categories. 

This is crucial because we guarantee that our clients will become Bestsellers, and they always do. 

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